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81 Passenger Double Decker MotorCoaches

Empire Coach Line Double Decker 81 Passenger

Our 81 passenger VanHool Double Decker Motorcoaches offer the ultimate transportation for extra-large groups. Our Double Decker Motorcoaches feature two levels of comfortable seating with panoramic views ideal for sightseeing and a host of on-board amenities for the ultimate in passenger comfort. Our Motorcoaches feature onboard GPS vehicle tracking and extensive camera systems with constant monitoring to ensure your safety at all times.

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57 Passenger Luxury MotorCoaches

Empire Coach Line 57 Passenger Motorcoach

Sit down, relax in comfort, recline your seat, and enjoy the ride. Our 57 passenger VanHool Motorcoaches offer comfortable reclining seating with ample leg room and feature all of the modern amenities you would expect of your home while traveling to and from your destination. We maintain our Motorcoaches in-house to provide the highest level of quality control standards and our maintenance policy exceeds standards required by law.

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12 Passenger Executive Mercedes Sprinters

Empire Coach Line 12 Passenger Mercedes Executive Sprinter

Our luxury executive 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter Vans host a number of amenities for executives and groups. Arrive in style at your destination and enjoy full stand up interior headroom with an enormous amount of storage. We use the Department of Transportation's medical certification guidelines to ensure that drivers meet the requirements established by industry and government agencies. New drivers take part in a multi-week training program conducted by our certified safety team.

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